Movable Individual Panel Wall Partition System Finishes

There are a vast array of possible finishes for the Series 500/600 , so that the system suits the design of the room it occupies. Please note that other finishes are also possible dependant upon your specification. Contact us for more details.

Main Options:
  Priming Sheet
  LP Laminate
  HP Laminate

Wood Veneers

  Sound Absorption Board
Alternative Options:
  Skirting boards and dado rails
  Applied Mouldings
  Free Issue Panelling
  Mirrored Finish
  White Marker Board
  Glazed Cut Outs
  Integral Blinds
  Inlaid Veneers
  Powder Coated MDF to RAL Specification
Inset Door Handle Options
  There are different handles available for the 5/600 series doors. Click here to view them

For more information on these , contact our sales department.

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