Semi-automatic Electrical Movable Individual Panel Wall Partition System

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 600 Series semi-automatic electrical  system.

This product is brand new to the UK market and has been tested extensively in Germany where the performance and results have been remarkable. 

The system has all the performance of a manual product but is far easier to operate and can still offer all the options of our normal 600 Series including pass doors, glazed panels and all stacking options.

The revolutionary electronics within the panel now mean that the top and bottom seals locate automatically within 4 seconds and are very quiet when operating.

Acoustics are not compromised as the system is still supplied with a seal pressure of 2000N per linear meter.

The integral battery allows the wall to function in the case of a power failure


For more information on the Series 500/600 systems, contact our sales department.

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