Triple Laminated Timber Folding Glazed Sliding Partition System Technical Information

General Technical Information

  Triple laminated timber system
  Performance group 'B' to DIN 18055
  The top running aluminium track is concealed inside and out by a 10mm timber section. The bottom guide track can be recessed into the floor
  10mm of height tolerance can be taken up without affecting the soundproofing, draft seal or operation
  The panels are locked in position by means of aluminium locking bars operating against the top and bottom tracks. The travel of these bars is 24mm. Polyamide end caps are fitted to the locking bars to prevent metal on metal contact.
  Each panel can be locked in any partly open position
  Can be supplied with an integrated separately pass door fitted with proprietary handles, lock and profile cylinder.


  4 Wheel trolley which are universally jointed to spread the load evenly
  The trolleys are sealed heat and cold resistant glass fibre reinforced Polyamide to ensure very quiet running
  The load bearing capacity is 200kg
  The trolleys are height adjustable


  Glass unit thickness up to 24mm is possible
  The glazing method is in accordance with the general code of practice for glazing
  Replacement of the glazing at a later date is possible without problems

Technical Data

  The construction is flush with the surface therefore there are no protruding running or directional tracks
  Can be opened to the inside or outside and is available with a separate or attached turning panel (through 180°).
  The profiles have a very narrow visible projection width allowing a very large percentage of glazed surface
  The panel is 65mm thick allowing a maximum panel width of 1100mm.
  Up to 10mm expansion compensation that is made possible due to wide closing rebates meaning that the screen remains impenetrable and continues to function correctly under hot and cold conditions.
  Vertical sealing is by means of a double EPDM seal. Horizontal sealing is by means of a brush seal with a PVC web on the outside and an EPDM seal on the inside
  Concealed glass rebate drainage above outlet opening in the panel comer connection corresponding to the glass manufacturers' regulations. The ground sill has controlled water drainage as a result of the slanting profile.
  The construction is flush with the surface therefore there are no protruding running or directional tracks.

Planning Guide


  • 3-part laminated timber
  • Unit thickness of 65mm
  • Performance Group 'B'
  • Top hung


  • Choose the number of panels.
  • Panel sizes are dependant on the type of glass and their width and height. If necessary, the number of panels must be increased.
  • Surface finish to the colour card.


  • Decide on the external frame dimensions in relation to to the structural opening, making provision for any necessary installation clearances
  • Decide on floor track
  • Choose colour powder coated to RAL or anodised. to Euras

Versions (seen from the interior)

  • Type I: Opening to the inside
  • Type 0 : Opening to the outside
  • 'Number' L Number of panels opening to the left
  • 'Number' R Number of panels opening to the right


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