The Petchey Academy in Hackney, Movable Acoustic Walls Education Case Study

This newAcademy specialises in health, care and medical sciences, which opens up career and life opportunities which had not easily been available to young people in this part of east London.

The five movable walls designed for The Petchey Academy were provided by Brockhouse, a schools specialist who have been producing movable walls for over 50 years. The walls were manufactured in the UK at their own factory.

Brockhouse provided structural engineers with technical information to assist with the design of the structure and help specifying extra steelwork to support the stacking. They also provided expert advice on acoustic performance, to ensure walls complied with the latest regulations set out in the BB93 document and in the ISO 140-3 standard on acoustics in schools.

The special movable curved wall solution included a bespoke design edge profile using a ball and socket joint which provided for acute angles within the headtrack. This enables a smooth curved wall to be formed with self locating stacking operation for easy configuration. The dining side of the divided hall has a bright yellow laminate finish. On the drama hall side, the screen has special sound absorbent board which creates an ‘auditoria of acoustic excellence’. This is important as the Academy plans to form its own orchestras, bands and choirs representing different genres of music.

Four other movable walls at the Petchey Academy provided classroom flexibility. These were standard series 500 high performance movable acoustic walls. They are top hung with no floor track and also offer excellent acoustic insulation.

When asked about the impact of movable walls at the school, staff reported that they are “particularly useful for exam times when different size rooms are required. The movable walls give us choice on the size of room and the high acoustic rating comes into its own. The systems are easy to move and we appreciate the space flexibility”.




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The Petchey AcademyThe Petchey Academy