Brockhouse Modernfold Suppliers of Movable Operable Acoustic Walls and Sliding Folding Partition Systems

Company Profile

Brockhouse Modernfold Limited is a one of the Companies that originally introduced moveable acoustic wall and sliding folding partition systems to the UK over 50 years ago. We have seen the transition of products from heavy unwieldy panels to the highly technical models of today and it has been our R&D department that has introduced a majority of those changes.

We feel the reason that we have been successful over many years is due to two key elements, firstly, the systems we manufacture are of the highest quality which is easy to say but hard to prove, this is why all of our systems have been tested and we have the certification to verify their quality. Secondly, the majority of our clients are referral or repeat, we always try to perform to the best of our abilities to make sure that our projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our technical staff have extensive experience of the capabilities of all of our products and are keen to assist on new and innovative designs and idea’s. Of course they are also willing and ready to help with all standard requirements and layout’s.

Brockhouse have undertaken many prestigious projects around the world and has a client list that verifies our claim of being the leading supplier of Movable Acoustic Wall & Sliding Folding Partition Systems in the UK .

As an addition to our normal products and services, we also offer the facility for the relocation, renovation, servicing and maintenance of movable walls and sliding folding partitions through our associated company Accordial UK. For more information please contact us using the information below.

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