Brockhouse Modernfold & the Environment

As a company we have a positive policy to develop an environmental aware workforce who ensure they operate in a responsible way to minimise adverse effects on the environment.


  • Use local products and services when possible.
  • Work with our suppliers to spread good environmental practice through the supply chain.
  • Choose energy-efficient equipment.
  • Buy products that were not made with and do not contain chemicals that damage the ozone layer.
  • Use recycled and unbleached paper and card.
  • Encourage suppliers to reduce, re-use and recycle packaging.


Uniquely, we have our own Manufacturing factory based in Loughborough. This enables us to reduce our Carbone Footprint as we do not have to import products.

The Process

  • Give preference to suppliers able to demonstrate that they are following sound environmental practices.
  • All timber and timber products are produced from timber grown from sustainable and managed forests.
  • All adhesives used are low solvent content or water based.
  • New steel components are manufactured from local suppliers in line with their own environmental policy.
  • All aluminium waste is recycled.
  • Other recyclable waste is stored for periodic collection by specialist recyclers.

We recognise the importance of our Environment and will review periodically our Policies and our Manufacture process to ensure that it continues to embrace all available guidelines.

A full copy of our Environmental Policy is available upon request.