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Brockhouse Complete Prestigious Movable Acoustic Wall Installation for Rothschild Bank

21 December, 2011

Rothchild BankBrockhouse have recently completed the prestigious movable acoustic wall installation on the show piece penthouse floor of the very new and high tech headquarters for Rothschild Bank, one of the oldest and most recognisable names in banking. The project comprised of three movable wall sets, one 28m long and two at 7.5m long made up of 35no. operable panels of differing types.

The name is synonymous with quality and that was reflected in the design throughout the building but in particular the top level floors for entertaining clients and holding conferences where we were asked to provide our high quality walls. Brockhouse were recommended to the clients designers OMA Architecture by the world famous acoustics team at Arup following our successful completion of the BSKYB project, where our walls were tested to the highest rating ever achieved between two rooms in the UK.

The project involved a very complex layout of 5 metre high moving panels to form several different layout options on Level 15, the top floor of the fully glazed building envelope. On top of this we had to accommodate a sloping facade to one side of the building and a deflecting frame that may move in or out depending on severe weather conditions. Brockhouse specially designed an acoustic aluminium wall post to allow for our panels to connect with the exterior mullions but allowed for the frame to deflect within our post.

Rothchild BankA focal point which set Brockhouse apart from other suppliers is the tracking system which was skilfully designed to give the client the ability to move our panels around the large room areas to form the divisions required but with the minimal amount of tracking possible for aesthetics and due to the constraints of a heavily congested service void between the false ceiling and the structural concrete slab. The clients were so impressed with the quality of the track and roller system they commissioned its use in other area of the building for use with bespoke sliding frames.

Apart from overcoming the building constraints for the connections with the facades we also had to manufacture our panels on site as there was no way of craning the panels into the building. We had to move our manufacturing teams down to site to build the panels on the floor they were to be installed on. We had to haul all the individual components up to the top floor partly through lift and partly through stair ways.

On top of this another challenge manifested itself with the finish to the panels. This is an extraordinary piece of work by a Company called Textile Museum in Holland. The designers wanted to produce a landscape across the 28m x 5m main corridor wall and tasked them with weaving a fabric to be fitted to our 23 panels (including 3sets of double passdoors). Brockhouse employed a Company called Fabric Systems to install this to our panels via a stretched fabric system of a track fitted to the perimeter of our movable walls. The results are outstanding.

Beneath the fabric are materials with absorption properties to soak up some of the sound in the rooms reducing reverberation times, thus making the rooms more attractive to work in.

To complete we provided aluminium skirting and pelmet details and fitted a magnetic system behind the fabric to fit protective covers to the fabric when the panels are used in an alternative layout to conceal the kitchen teams providing food and drink for the banquets. It was quite a feat and two years in the making from initial contact to completion.

With the project being signed off for just under £300,000 it was a large order for Brockhouse and was professionally handled and delivered to the great satisfaction of Lend Lease, OMA and Rothschild.