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Partnership Between De Montfort and Accordial Manufacturing Produced an Outstanding Result

9 August, 2012

De Montfort and Accordial PartnershipThe recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Accordial Manufacturing Ltd (Brockhouse’s UK manufacturing arm) and De Montfort University has just been rated Outstanding by the Governments, Technologies Strategy Board (TSB).

The associate for this partnership was Nick Rowan, who has been involved in the project for over two years and has now joined us full time to carry the initial work he started.

This is a very rare achievement and illustrates the successes of the partnership in surpassing its initial goals, which were to help Accordial Manufacturing develop new products and improve their onsite acoustic knowledge.

Martin Sarsfield Managing Director of Accordial Manufacturing, “When we undertook this joint venture with De Montfort University in Leicester we were unsure of what to expect. We were confident that Nick would be able to complete the project on time to a high standard but we did not realise the level of support, expertise and professionalism that the University would also provide”.

“Apart from the knowledge transfer the use of the Engineering Facilities and “brainpower” made available to us and guidance in certain areas of the project meant that we were able to deliver the project on time and to a standard that surpassed what we had expected.”

We have already received and installed several partitions throughout the UK in what promises to be an exciting addition to our portfolio and increase in our market share of the Movable Wall business in the UK”.

This has also allowed Accordial Manufacturing to gain British Certification for its products and lead the market place with their acoustical knowledge and ability to perform acoustic site tests.