Quality Check List When Purchasing / Specifying a Movable Wall

  1. Does your system have a top and bottom mechanical seal pressure of 2000N (2KN)
  2. Does the top and bottom seals incorporate a tongue and groove detail
  3. Does your system have magnetic edge profiles
  4. Does your system have a jacking mechanism with a seal pressure of 2 KN
  5. Does your system have a cam mechanism, if so what seal pressure can it achieve
  6. Can your system be adapted to accommodate up to 50mm of structural deflection whilst maintaining the maximum seal pressure
  7. Is your top track powder coated white and does it incorporate a ceiling support trim as standard
  8. Are your top and bottom seals powder coated black to offer a shadow gap detail as standard
  9. If accidentally damaged can your face boards be replaced on site or would you need to replace the whole panel
  10. Are all of your systems 100mm thick or do they increase when the acoustic rating rises
  11. Does your system employ a self-adjustment locking mechanism for the roller units guaranteeing the panels will never drop out of level
  12. Is your system (including top & bottom seals) acoustically tested to ISO 140-3, and can you produce a certificate to verify this
  13. Does your system have an internal or external telescopic sleeve and does it exert 2KN of pressure
  14. Does your system have mechanical seals in the telescopic sleeve or fixed sweep seals
  15. Does your system have a fully welded steel frame
  16. If a pass door is required, is your door panel acoustically tested to ISO 140-3, with a certificate
  17. Can you offer a full service agreement with an extended warranty
  18. Is your system manufactured in the UK
  19. Has your system been tested for a thermal rating
  20. Has your system been tested for endurance to DIN 310.000/3.79 over 3500 operations with certification to verify this

Specifying Movable Wall Quality Check List

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