HushBoard Sound Absorption / Soundproofing Covering for Panels and Walls


A modern school has to fulfil many functions and it is essential its design can meet the demands of diverse activities where boisterous fun activities overlap with concentrated learning. Historically, good acoustic conditions for teaching have not been adequately considered but now there is a legal requirement to design and build school buildings to meet appropriate acoustic conditions and Building Bulletin 93 sets out these conditions.


BB93 identifies the most serious acoustic problems are noise transfer between rooms and excessive reverberation within the rooms. The reverberation in a room is related to the amount of sound absorbing materials in the room. The reverberation time is reduced as the amount of sound absorbing material is increased.

The surface of a movable wall is hard and reflects approximately 90% of the sound energy, giving it an absorption coefficient around 0.1.

HushBoard Acoustic Surface

HushBoard Acoustic SurfaceHushBoard is a 10-12mm thick decorative interior wall covering, available in both tile and roll format, that will transform noisy interiors, as well as creating a colourful, highly durable and exciting surrounding, making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience. Statistics have shown that 25% of children cannot hear properly in the classroom which can result in learning difficulties, therefore HushBoard is essential to create the perfect learning environment.

HushBoard Acoustic Surface has been specifically designed, and is proven to reduce 40% of reverberated (echo) noise by absorbing sound that would otherwise be reflected eg. chair noise, shouting and raised voices. This quality product fully answers to the criteria now needed for BB93 Noise Level Compliance.

Available in a range of colours HushBoard Acoustic Surface is extremely versatile and can be installed as partial or complete wall coverings, or used as complete display boards which can be complemented with a quality hardwood surround. This product allows teachers to staple, pin and velcro children’s work with ease onto the walls, without damaging the surface.

Key Benefits

  • Acoustically rated to NRC 0.40, proven to reduce noise
    levels by 40%
  • Pin, staple and ‘hook & loop’ receptive, allowing the
    material to be used as a display board
  • Highly durable, easily cleaned and resistant to staining
  • High impact resistance
  • Made from 100% polyester fibre (including already
    recycled fibres)
  • Non curl, stays flat on wall
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to fading
  • Safe, non-toxic and non-irritant
  • Will not absorb moisture and will not rot or break down over
    time, providing long-term stability and performance
  • Easy to install in new or existing interiors, and can be cut
    to shapes
  • Assists with BB93 compliance
  • Recomended for minimum 8 year cycle
  • Excellent thermal insulator

Hushboard Colour Chart

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HushBoard Acoustic Wall Covering
Hushboard Wall Covering
HushBoard Acoustic Wall Covering